freszup FAQ

Q   When should I take freszup if I am drunk?
A   It is best to rest for 20-30 minutes after drinking before consuming freszup for best effect.

Q   Can I use freszup to increase alcohol tolerance?
A   Yes, consume a bottle of freszup roughly 20 minutes before your drinking session.

Q Why do I get more drunk or vomit after consuming freszup?
A In addition to some genetic intolerance in some people, this occurs mostly when freszup is consumed for less than the stipulated time as described above before or after drinking alcohol.

Q   Are there any side effects?
A   freszup is made with 100% plant extract and is classified under foodstuff by the relevant authorities so it is safe for consumption for all ages unless the consumer has a health condition. Do take note not to over-consume the beverage for as always, over-consumption of any kind of food or beverage can be hazardous.

Q   Can freszup aid in better sleep?
A   Yes, consuming a bottle of freszup before bedtime helps you sleep better.

Q   What is the best way to consume freszup?
A   Chill freszup before drinking and sip it slowly, holding and swirling the beverage around in your mouth so that it can penetrate into your blood stream through your mouth lining for faster efficacy.

Q   Where should I store freszup?
A   Store in a cool and dark place away from direct sunlight.

Q   What is the recommended dosage?
A   One bottle for adults and half a bottle for children below 12 years old.

Q   How much freszup should I consume to sober up after consuming alcohol?
A   That depends on age, weight and height in addition to whether you're male or female. Usually, start with 1 bottle and slowly add more until you find the right level for yourself.

Q   How to I get the best effect with freszup?
A   The best way to condition your body for freszup to work at maximum efficiency is to consume a bottle of freszup a day for fours days if you wish to make freszup your regular de-toxifier and sobering aide.